Mattress Size Guide

Your journey starts here. When it comes to finding the perfect mattress, you need to first know how big you can go. This quick guide will give you the lowdown on all the Singapore mattress sizes we offer, as well as a host of useful tips for choosing the perfect size for your needs.

Single Size: 36 inches by 75 inches / 91 cm by 190 cm

Super Single: 42 inches by 75 inches / 107 cm by 190 cm

Queen: 60 inches by 75 inches / 152 cm by 190 cm

King: 72 inches by 75 inches / 183 cm by 190 cm



Useful tips for choosing the right size

Ensure that the mattress dimensions are 10cm longer than the tallest person using the mattress. Nobody wants their feet hanging off the bed.

You also want to be able to stretch when you wake to really start the day. Get the width right by tucking both hands under your head and if your elbow touches the edge of the mattress or the person next to you, then you may need larger mattress measurements.

If you’re giving your bedroom a makeover make sure you measure the space you have in your room. It could be the difference between a modest Queen and a mega Super King.