Mattress Care Guide

When you get your new mattress

Once you remove your new mattress from its packaging, leave it uncovered for a few hours to allow to air. If you have a rolled up mattress, you need to leave it to flatten out in a warm room for 24 hours before using it.

When you first start using your new bed, it will probably feel a bit different to your old one, so please allow time for your body to adjust to the new level of comfort, support and the mattress fillings to settle.


Allow for settlement of the fillings

It’s normal for the upholstery of your mattress to settle a bit during use, but this doesn’t compromise the support or comfort it provides. You may notice that certain parts of the mattress settle more than others, but this is due to the zoned support responding to the areas where your body weight is more pronounced, so it’s actually just a sign that it’s doing its job.

While a bit of settlement is no cause for concern, there are ways you can minimise this effect:

  • Give your mattress a daily airing by leaving the covers off after you get up.
  • Turn your mattress regularly (unless your mattress is ‘no turn’, which will be stated on the label).
  • Rotate your mattress top to tail every so often so that natural settlement from body pressure is evenly distributed.

Protecting your mattress

One of the best ways to keep the upholstery of your mattress in good condition is to use a mattress protector as this will protect it from contact with body moisture. You should also avoid using detergents or chemical cleaners as this may damage the fabric and stitching, instead just use a clean damp cloth for light cleaning, allowing the mattress to thoroughly dry afterward.